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Clubs and Societies within the Parish

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Stoke Climsland Amateur Theatrical Society

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Stoke Climsland Bridge Club


The Club meets weekly on Friday evenings from 7 pm until about 11 pm in the Parish Hall. The club has been running for over thirty years having started as the Stoke Climsland WI Bridge Club. After a few years, it evolved into Stoke Climsland Bridge Club.

Friendliness and play without rancour is indeed the main keynote of the club, and it is this that brings in many members from outside the village.

At the moment, we are restricted in numbers attending on any one night. Once restrictions are lifted, we will be glad to welcome new friends and are well equipped to cope both with complete beginners and with players of considerable experience.

Watch this space for updates……


Stoke Climsland Climate Change Action Group

scccag.jpgWe are living in a climate emergency.

Help us build a safer, more sustainable future for our community by taking action now.

Our aims

This group was set up to support the local council and Stoke Climsland parishioners to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

We are developing a number of projects to help reduce the carbon footprint of our parish. We are acting as a voice for our community on the subject of climate change to Cornwall Council and the UK Government and sourcing funding streams to make this important work possible.

Current activities

Today we are contributing to:

  • Cornwall Council’s Development Plan
  • The Competition and Markets Authority on the challenges for electric vehicles in rural communities

We are also undertaking an audit of the carbon footprint of the farming community, providing guidance on waste management and recycling and exploring opportunities for Electric Vehicle charging in the community.

What can you do now to make a difference?

There are many small and simple ways to help reduce your carbon footprint and also save money on your energy bills. These include:

  • Switching off the lights in your home when you are not using them
  • Improving your home insulation and making your central heating more efficient
  • Replacing petrol and diesel cars with electric vehicles.

Living in a historic rural community presents its challenges, but together we can all make small changes to make a big difference.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to help the parish achieve its target please come and join our group, or email us.

The Luckett Village Association

The Luckett Village Association (LVA) is a membership association by constitution of residential households in Luckett Village.

The aim of LVA is to act as a voice for the village of Luckett, to help maintain the quality of life for the enjoyment of the villagers and to protect the village assets in so doing to keep the Membership informed of activities, plans or proposals likely to affect the village.

To convey to the Parish Council, to other Government and non Government bodies or to individuals the wishes of LVA Members in respect of their village.

To send a representative to Parish Council and other Meetings, as deemed appropriate, so as to report decisions taken and other initiatives which affect or might affect the village.

Contact the Secretary, Richard Davies



Group Scout Leader – Tristan Cocks




Contact Stacey

Ages 6 - 8

Wednesday 6pm – 7pm




Contact Clare

Ages 8 - 10

Thursday 6.30pm – 7.30pm




Contact Chris

Ages 10 - 14

Tuesday 7pm – 9pm




Contact Tris

Ages 14 - 18

Monday 7pm – 9pm

Women's Institute

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