The Neighbourhood Plan - What is it all about

The Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity for local people to shape our Parish It focuses on planning issues such as housing developments, infrastructure, community facilities, protecting green space and business developments.>It is a plan in which delivery of high quality design and good standards of community amenity and cultural facilities to meet local needs for current and future residents is paramount. It is about being creative in finding ways to enhance and improve where we live, conserving and enhancing our heritage and the natural environment and meeting the needs for housing, employment and infrastructure in a sustainable manner.>It involves the whole community in the biggest local communication exercise the Parish has seen.>The resulting Plan will be subject to external scrutiny and validation, and the final result will be a legal document which will govern the development of the Parish over the next twenty years.



If you want any more information, please get in touch through one of the following:

* Deri Parsons, Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, on01579 370319 or


* By e-mailing stokeclimslandneighbourhoodplan@yahoo.co.uk

* By speaking with anyone on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

*We are on-line and in the old school news

* Go the Parish Council website for information, an overview and relevant documents:


* Look for our monthly update in the Old School News. We’ll be having a half-page slot ineach issue.

* We are also on Facebook and will be posting regular updates and information. Use the Facebook search facility and look for Stoke Climsland Neighbourhood Plan. You can help us spread the message by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ our page with your contacts.


How you can get involved:

  • Help decide what should be in the Plan by taking part in workshops, drop-in sessions, exhibitions and surveys. We’ll be letting you know all about them as time goes on. In the meantime, look out for our Information Point at the Village Fair at the Flower Show on August 2nd.
  • Keep up-to-date via our web-site, posters, noticeboards, Facebook (search for Stoke Climsland Neighbourhood Plan) and the Old School News.
  • Talk about the Plan with friends and neighbours – spread the word!
  • Become an Area Contact and help us reach the people in your vicinity.
  • Contribute your ideas and suggestions.
  • Comment on the Draft Plan before it goes off forinspection and we all vote on it.
  • Join a Working Party that focuses on a particular topic that interests you.
  • Volunteer practical help to create the Plan, from photocopying to doing surveys, site assessments and delivering leaflets.
  • If you have some time to spare, why not volunteer to serve on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to help plan and manage the process



* A Neighbourhood Plan will help guide the future development, regeneration and conservation of the Parish.

* It is an opportunity for the community to influence what development happens in the Parish and what it should look like.

* It may contain planning policies or proposals for improving the area or providing new facilities.

* It may guide the provision of appropriate and necessary infrastructure,

* It may deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues or it may just focus on just a couple of issues. The consultation process will help decide which approach is taken.

* It may deal with issues that are relevant to the whole Parish or just to part of the Parish



Stoke Climsland Parish Council is the ‘qualifying body’ with overall responsibility for producing the Plan. However, the necessary work has been delegated to a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, comprised primarily of volunteer residents but with Parish Council representatives



There are five main elements to the Neighbourhood Planning Process:

1. Defining the neighbourhood area: It has been agreed by a formal consultation process that this will be the area within the boundary of Stoke Climsland Parish

2. Producing the Plan: Production of the Plan must and will involve a robust programme of community involvement and evidence gathering to ensure that the Plan is based upon a proper understanding of the area and of the views, aspirations, wants and needs of local people. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE AT THE MOMENT.

3. Independent check : When the Plan is completed, it must be submitted to Cornwall Council who will arrange an independent examination. This is to ensure that the proper legal process has been followed and that the Plan meets some basic conditions, including consistency with relevant strategic local and national planning policies.

4. Community referendum: If the Plan passes its independent assessment, it will then be presented for approval, or otherwise, by the Parish in the form of a referendum. If it receives the majority of the votes cast, it will become part of the statutory development plan for the Parish.

5. Legal force: Once the Neighbourhood Plan is approved, planning officials will have to make decisions on the basis of the Plan and any other material considerations when considering planning applications or appeals, effectively giving the views of the Parish more influence and control over local development.

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