The Neighbourhood Plan

STOP PRESS: Here are links to the comments made on the questionnaires returned on-line and completed at the Village Fair, Luckett Duck Day and the Stoke Climsland Flower Show. The common themes to emerge from all these returns can be found in this document.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
In essence, a Neighbourhood Plan is a twenty-year plan that defines the broad planning aims of the neighbourhood - in our case this is the area covered by Stoke Climsland Parish.

It might identify which areas are to be considered for future building, and which are to be protected from development; it could give guidance on renewable energy, housing, industry, heritage-site protection, landscape protection, and so on.

Once completed, it would need to be examined by a Planning Inspector (at the cost of Cornwall Council), and if it meets the required standards, it would be put to a referendum of all parishioners.

If voted for by the majority in the referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan carries real legal weight.

Decision-makers will be obliged, by law, to take what it says into account when they consider proposals for development within the Parish.

How will the plan be put together?
Although initiated by the Parish Council, the Plan will be put together by a Steering Group of volunteers.

There is a core group in place at the moment formed by people who put their names forward at a public meeting held a while back.

However, this group is not exclusive and more people would be welcome.

The group will be working to get the views and opinions from as many people and organisations in the parish as possible.

Details of how this is going to be done are still being worked out but you can be assured that your views will be sought in the coming months through questionnaires, surveys, information points - in fact, by any method that will get the message to YOU.

How long will it all take?
Because the final plan has a legal status, the process is closely defined.

It is likely to take approximately 18 months to get to the final stages.

What are the next steps?
We are continuing to develop our web-site and Facebook page (search for Stoke Climsland Neighbourhood Plan)

Who can I contact?
For more information, please get in touch with Deri Parsons, chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, on 01579 370319 or derrickparsons@btinternet.com, or the Parish Clerk on 01579 370819 or parishclerk@stokeclimslandparish.org or by emailing stokeclimsland-neighbourhoodplan@yahoo.co.uk

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