History of the Parish

Much work has been done, and is ongoing, around the history of the parish.

There is a local history group with an active programme of meetings. For details please see the Old School News

The Stoke Climsland village archive contains a wealth of information about the parish. Based at the Old School Community Centre, the Archive contains thousands of document, photos, maps and plans from the tenth century to present day. It is possible to browse through this archive in person, and by joining the Local History Group. Please contact Caroline Vulliamy at the Old School, Stoke Climsland.

The War Memorial in the village lists the names of those killed in both World Wars. Two projects have been initiated researching the stories of those listed.

After months of research on the life of Canon Martin Andrews, Rector of Stokeclimsland from 1922 - 1968. The members of the History Club acquired a manuscript of his second autobiography, which he had been writing in his 100th year, but was never published. It was felt that after reading these, anyone that knew the Canon would also enjoy his story. With support the members were able to get the manuscript titled "Honey and Other Sweet Things" published, and sold by his friend Sarah Foot, who typed the original manuscript for the Canon, at a Celebration of his life at Stoke Climsland, which included films of the Rectory farm and an interview with Canon in 1974 at Downderry, where he had retired.

Further reading

The Genealogy UK and Ireland (GENUKI) website provides a comprehensive compilation of information about the parish.